The new album "Human Stasis Habitat" is out now on Loki Foundation.

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You visited this page probably because you are looking for ambient music and info about my musical projects without being forced to browse through a lot of social media crap. To honour that wish I created a newsletter to which you can subscribe here.

Phelios and Sphäre Sechs played a lot of shows in Europe. Each concert is carefully planned and a unique experience for the listener. Please address your booking requests via email to and include information about the event you are going to do.

PHOBOS FESTIVAL is a series of dark ambient concerts run by Martin Stürtzer (Phelios) in a church in Wuppertal / Germany since 2009.


Booking requests: email to

Please include examples of performances you did in the past and make sure your style is somehow related to dark ambient music.


Phobos 2009 - 2016 featuring Alleseits, Apoptose, Atrox, Aun, Bad Sector, Beyond Sensory Experience, Cent Ans De Solitude, Circular, Cities Last Broadcast, Desiderii Marginis, False Mirror, Fjernlys, Galerie Schallschutz, Herbst9, Inade, Kammarheit, Land:Fire, Morthound, Northaunt, Phelios, Premonition Factory, Rapoon, Raison d´ être, S.e.t.i., Schloss Tegal, Sphäre Sechs, Svartsinn, Tho-So-Aa,  Treha Sektori, Troum, Vestigial.


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Phelios is a dark ambient project from Wuppertal (Germany). I also have a space ambient duo with Christian Stritzel (Sphäre Sechs) and organise a dark ambient festival in a church in Wuppertal (Phobos Festival).



Phelios and Sphäre Sechs have released music on labels like Eternal Soul Records, Malignant Records and Loki Foundation. Most of them are available on bandcamp for full online streaming and purchase.


Phelios is a dark ambient project that utilizes deep drones and lovecraftesque sound design as well as heavy percussion and influences of old martial industrial music.


Sphäre Sechs is a space ambient project with Christian Stritzel. All music is strictly ambient and recorded in well prepared and improvised live sessions.


Please visit bandcamp to listen online or get the albums for your home collection.

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